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Theme issues will be focused issues on specific things such as holidays, shows, games, and more. 

We hope to  have more fun with these through the year and to provide even more opportunities for you to be featured on our cover!

 A CCM chosen submission will be given


So Submit the Best You Got!

Review Guidelines for Submissions


Current Themes Open

Annual Themes

Submissions are accepted year round, but do not release until Release Date.

Release Date

Mid Oct

Dec 24


Halloween - We want those scary cosplays that will make ya scream

Christmas - Happy Holidays to all. Bring your holiday spirit for this issue

CCM Con - Bringing back comic cons in a new way through our magazine. Show off all of your work from the year, and hear from any special guests and artists that we can find.

Special Themes

Submissions are accepted until at least a 20 page minimum issue has been reached. Then release date will be announced.

Dragonball Issue 
For all of the Saiyans and other Dragonball series fans out there, lets take this issue to a level over 5000!

New Themes will appear here as we come up with new ones to do next.

Message us any suggestions for themes that you'd like to see us create and be a part of.

























Please be sure to select which theme you are submitting for. Depending on when you submit and how far away that issue is, be aware that there may be a wait before proofs are sent out. Keep note as to our Release Issue Dates below.


We need high resolution digital photographs in order to print with the Best Quality with no visible pixelation. Low resolution images may be rejected. We do ask for photos that are taken with professional qualities in mind. DO NOT submit screenshots of photos from Instagram or other social media. 

Cosplayers should provide us with the name that the you want printed in the magazine.

(Your cosplay name or your real name)

Written/Digital permissions from each professional photographer via social media screen shot or photography release to submit photos to Creative Cosplays for print or online publishing. (Release forms should not contain restrictions for publishing). Not needed if taken by a friend, family, or photographers that don't need or want credit.


NOTE that you are responsible for acquiring any permissions required by individuals in submitted content or photographers involved in content. Address the IMAGE RELEASE page for information.

Photographers - Add the names of the cosplayers in the photos. Social media names.

Photographers - If you have a logo that you'd like to be visible in your showcase, please upload your logo file along with your photos. A png or vector format with transparent background is ideal. Due to the space available, photos may be cropped as needed and logos in the photo may be cropped out.

For Cover Image and Full Page consideration please provide image at 300dpi and at least 1000 pixels on the longest side of the image with no visible pixelation. Photo should be in a vertical/profile layout.
(Do not attempt to enlarge photo size as this reduces quality)

File Sizes: The maximum size should be limited to 10MB per file on our form below or up to 20MB per file if you send through Dropbox, or similar cloud based storage site, to

(remember, large files are harder to transport)
If files are too large and require a Dropbox link, you are still required to fill out the form.

Please Read

Tear Sheets

We send out tear sheets within the first 12 hours post release date of each issue. You are allowed to post your tear sheet(s) on your websites and or social medias with proper tagging.

*We do not accept nude, obscene, or discriminatory photographs.
Final decision for submissions is sole discretion of the editors.

*You must be 16 years of age or older. You must have parents permission if you are under the age of 18. 

Please include a text doc or have them send us permission via email after your submission at


Form below

For your submission to be accepted and featured in Creative Cosplays Magazine, this form is required.

If you are having issues with the submission form due to a computer or phone error, please contact us.

Please read our guidelines above for more information before filling out this form.

Please Take Into Consideration Before Submitting:

- Be sure that image quality is high enough to prevent us needing to scale images up too much,

this may greatly lower image quality and resolution resulting in a rejection or substitution of submission.

We recommend photos to be at 300ppi.

- If possible, if your photos are too large, please add a link on the form to a third party photo storage site such as

Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

If you are having troubles with submitting, it may be due to our upload storage limit has been reached.
We will work quickly to fix this issue as soon as it happens and we recommend giving us an hour before trying again.
Please contact us if you are still having troubles and we will figure out a solution. Thank you.
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