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Hello ! I'm Clémentine, a full-time costume maker based in Marseille, France. I specialise in building intricate armour and props. I constantly seek improvement and always look forward to trying new techniques.

Despite starting as a cosplayer, reproducing existing content, I have grown to enjoy designing costumes as much as copying them.

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Claude Xavier

Terrell Maxwell, better known as Claude Xavier, is a cosplayer, model, and pro physique competitor based in San Antonio, TX.
His cosplay journey began after attending his first comic convention 2018. From there, Claude developed a passion for bringing characters to life.
Although he loves the atmosphere of conventions and cosplay photoshoots, it’s the smiles and the kids’ excitement that give him the greatest joy – the true magic of cosplay.

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Eddie G Photography

Long Island NY based cosplay photographer and digital Editor, photography has been my passion for a few years now, and cosplay was my go to a couple of years back, I love photographing cosplayer cause it gives me a chance to meet creative and talented people, I have made a ton of cosplay friends now and my work is known on the Island, favorite convention I would have to say Winter Con in Jamaica NY, but you can find me mostly at local Long Island conventions.

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