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Cosplay Shops, Props and Sellers

Not every piece of your future cosplay build will be easy to make by yourself.

You may not be at that level of mastery yet. But don't let that prevent you from creating your next cosplay!

There is a lot of help out there in the community, from those who already have what you need, or that can help make it for you. 

We are creating this space to help share those resources for you.

If you are a seller or maker of cosplay props, costumes, templates, tutorials or other

please let us  know at




The latest and greatest platform dedicated to showcase your crafting skills. Join and share with the community of thousands of talented crafters like yourself. Express your skill and learn from others all in one place. 

Join and get started today!



Cosplaying is about confidence, community, and fun. Yet, shopping from each other is anything but. Coscove aims to take out the hassle of shopping so you can focus on what you love the most - cosplaying!

Visit and start shopping for your next cosplay.


Coloured Contacts

Coloured Contacts is THE place for the contacts that will take your cosplays/costumes to the next level.  Safe, Comfortable and brilliantly designed to help you look good and stand out. Swing by and check them out Today!

Be sure to save on your purchase with discount code CreativeCos10


The Foamory

If you are in search of large sheets of quality High Density EVA foam for your next cosplay build, be sure to swing by The Foamory. 

The also supply foam clay that are worth trying out. 

Be sure to save on your purchase with discount code CCMAG



If you are looking for a wig for your next cosplay, there is no better place to check than

They create some truely stunning custom work that is exactly what you are looking for. 

And with your purchase you help them to give back and support the community in return. 



Custom Funko Pop Figures!!

If you are a collector or fan of these collectible toys. You need to check out BringTheMaeham.

There seems to be a Funko character for everyone and everything you can think of these days, but there some you may never find in a store. 

Reach out to BringTheMaeham and she will bring your idea for a one of a kind character to life!


Super Heroes


Get all of your fan favorite gear  at Super Heroes Ultimate. 

Superheroes Ultimate offers a unique retail experience for collector enthusiasts, by providing the best statues, Apparel, Collectibles, Comic Books.

Superheroes Ultimate provides a haven for fans as well as reporting up-to-date news in the comics’ world.

Swing by and support a fellow fan.


Zentai Zone

Professional Reliable Zentai &Catsuit Dealer, Global Shipping

Here You Can Buy Higher Quality Zentai &Catsuits At Lower Price.

The perfect option for an easy and awesome cosplay for an affordable cost. 

We do recommend that you select their Super Lycra fabric when ordering to ensure a long lasting suit to wear.



A self-adhering, Reusable, Silicone masks that are great for cosplay. Check out the variety of different masks that they offer and grab yourself one today. 



Looking for some fun merch to offer to your followers?

Swing by K20Custom on Etsy to see what they can offer you!



Poly-Props is your one stop shop for some of the best materials on the market for cosplay. 

From high quality foam, perfect for smooth and professional looking armor - to 3d printing material - to flexible paints. 

They are a must company to check out. 

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