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About Us

Creative Cosplays Magazine is a high quality publication that showcases the amazing talents hidden within the cosplay community.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, Creative Cosplays is here to give everyone the opportunity to be published and show off their incredible creative talents and craftsmanship.


Our Story

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Creative Cosplays Magazine was created by

cosplay couple, Chantel and Kyle

They found each other in 2016 and discovered their shared love for cosplay very soon after.

Their love for the cosplay community grew quickly and led to the creation of the @Creative.Cosplays share page on Instagram.

After seeing the amount of amazing talent that exists in the cosplay community, they wanted to create an opportunity to help showcase as many people as they can, and to inspire just as many.


Your Talent and Hard Work Deserves to be Seen

Now parents of 2 superheroes of their own in the time of a pandemic, your support helps more than ever as we all try to get through it together.

Meet The Team



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Guest Interviewer


Jake Fogg

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Guest Interviewer


Alessandro Rivero

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Press Team - Photographer


Corwyn Johnson

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Press Team - Photographer


Tim Pisani-Jacques

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Press Team - Photographer


Brian Lansangan

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Press Team - Photographer


Joshua Barriga

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Press Team - Photographer

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Kenny O'Kaye

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Press Team - Photographer

Join the CCM TEAM

CCM is currently looking for volunteers to join the CCM team and help represent our brand worldwide and nationwide. Since we are unable to be everywhere at once, we could use your help.

CCM Press Team:

Help cover events near you and be a CCM Representative. Take photos and write about your experience to be published on our website and in our magazine.

*Must have Photography experience.

CCM Guest Interviewer:

If you're comfortable on camera and like to chat, help us create video content by hosting interviews with special guest both on our YouTube and on our website.


If you love to write and are looking for a creative space to share your reviews, opinions, interviews, and talk about all things fandom. We are offering you space on here to help spread the word. If your work is good, we have a space for you on ur team.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon.

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