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Discover the Story Behind Creative Cosplays Magazine: A Podcast Interview with Side Projekt

Side Projekt Podcast

We're thrilled to announce that CCM founder, Kyle Kirkner, recently sat down for an in-depth conversation on the Side Projekt Podcast. In this exciting episode, Kyle delves into the origins of Creative Cosplays Magazine, its mission, and the passion driving its growth within the vibrant cosplay community.

In the podcast, Kyle shares the journey from the inception of Creative Cosplays Magazine to its current standing as a leading platform for showcasing the incredible talents within the cosplay world. From the initial spark of inspiration to the evolution of the magazine's format and content, Kyle provides fascinating insights into the "how, when, where, and why" behind the magazine's creation.

Side Projekt Podcast Interview

Furthermore, the interview explores the unique features of Creative Cosplays Magazine, including the distinction between seasonal and mid-season issues. Kyle elaborates on the thought process behind this format and how it enhances engagement with the audience while aligning with the dynamic nature of the cosplay community.

Listeners will also gain valuable insights into the realities of running a magazine in today's digital age. Kyle candidly discusses the challenges, triumphs, and ongoing dedication required to curate compelling content, foster community connections, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of media and publishing.

From the meticulous process of selecting cosplayers for features to the exciting plans for the future, the podcast offers a comprehensive glimpse into the inner workings of Creative Cosplays Magazine. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the world of cosplay, this interview provides a captivating behind-the-scenes look at the passion and creativity driving our magazine forward.

Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation! Head over to YouTube now to watch the full podcast episode and discover the story behind Creative Cosplays Magazine.

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