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If you'd like to be published in a magazine

We have created more opportunities than ever to help you achieve that goal, by showcasing your amazing talents in ours magazine.

Please select which issue that you'd like to be in from the option below:


Our larger issue that come around 4 times year. Includes multiple photo showcases of cosplayers and photographer, a featured guest with Q&A, Season Winners, and more.

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Our smaller and cheaper issues to help fill the space between seasons.

Consists of 20 full page, single photo showcases of the best cosplayers and photographers that submit.


These are theme focus issues that cover Holidays, special events, favorite shows, movies, games, and more. Giving us a chance to have some fun.

What Subs are Open?

Winter 2021
Submissions - Closed - Full

Christmas 2021
Submissions -
Opens DEC 1st