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CCM Interview: TeamAwesome418

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Get ready for a sensational ride as we step into the vibrant world of cosplay and advocacy with none other than Lorenzo Dozier, the remarkable New York-based cosplayer behind TeamAwesome418. Lorenzo, known for his electrifying portrayals of Spider-Man's Miles Morales, Peter Parker, and the irreverent Deadpool, is a force to be reckoned with. But it doesn't stop there. As the author of the '31 Days to Live' series and a fervent mental health advocate, he's on a mission to uplift and inspire.

Join us in this exclusive CCM interview with TeamAwesome418 as we dive into Lorenzo's cosplay journey, heartwarming encounters, and his unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy. It's a web-slinging, chimichanga-chomping, and inspiration-packed adventure you won't want to miss!

TeamAwesome418 as spiderman in New York

Q. Hey Lorenzo and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us so that we can better get you know the man behind the masks. Can you share what inspired you to start cosplaying, and how has your journey evolved since your first cosplay as Spider-Man's Miles Morales in July 2021?

A. Hey! Thank you for having me. As mentioned, I started cosplaying in 2021. The inspiration came from following certain people on Instagram beforehand. One was @BronxSpidey. I saw his page on social media as Miles Morales. I loved his presentation of the character, and it inspired me to want to become Spider-Man. Back in 2018, I watched Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. I fell in love with the character and associated myself with the character. We are both Hispanic and Black American, we are both from Brooklyn, New York. It was fitting. The other two cosplayers I kept an eye on were Caleb Weeks and Naiquan, who goes by Cosplaynay. After seeing their works, I wanted to cosplay!

Q. For those who may not have heard of the ‘31 Days to Live’ series. What is the story behind it and how has the story of it played a role in your life?

A. 31 Days to Live was a book I had written in High School back in 2005. I was a sophomore authoring a story inside of a notebook. I took things I have experienced in school and mixed it with elements of the movie, SAW. 31 Days to Live takes place in the Bronx, New York. The story focuses on a teenager named Kamel Johnson, who has a month to put a Serial Killer in prison without assistance from authority. He has his friends tag along in the game of crimes and deals with challenges trying to put a criminal behind bars. The serial killer in the book resembles Jigsaw from the SAW movies. He takes these teenagers and puts them in scenarios where they must make choices that can possibly lead them to death.

Q. You're not only a cosplayer, but also a mental health advocate. Could you elaborate on how you use cosplay as a platform to raise awareness for mental health and provide motivational advice?

A. Mental health is something that needs to be taken seriously. People fail to realize that mental health can take a toll on your body and brain. We are caught up in our everyday lives and forget to take care of ourselves. I figured instead of just posting pictures of myself in cosplay. Why not attach a motivational quote I created to help them through their day? You never know what someone is going through and based on the feedback I have received; my captions have helped my followers. I have a page on Instagram specifically for quotes I’ve written or advice and that’s how I come up with my captions. I transfer what I post from there to my main account to give others a few words of encouragement.

Q. As a cosplayer, you get the opportunity to incorporate your personality into characters like Miles Morales, Peter Parker, and Deadpool. How do you infuse your own traits and experiences into these iconic characters, and what do you hope to convey through them?

A. I always tell people to make cosplay their own. You do not have to completely be the character. Make the character unique. How do you want people to remember you once you are wearing a cosplay? That is the question I ask myself. Do I want people to remember only Spider-Man or the person behind the mask? I study characters I play and incorporate my personality along with them. For Deadpool, I am a comical person in real life. So, it was easy to be funny and make people laugh once they saw the character in action. Deadpool is also unpredictable with his behavior. I have done some of the most random things such as Deadpool that puts a smile on a person’s face or makes them laugh. When I am Miles Morales and Peter Parker, communicating with strangers in the community is natural because I’m very outspoken and friendly in person.

TeamAwesome418 as Spiderman with Mary Jane Watson

Q. Suiting up for a big convention is addicting once you get started with it. Having those interactions with fans of your character and kids who will even believe that you are the real character that you are cosplaying as. What are some of your favorite memories or experiences as a cosplayer while attending a Comic Con?

A. One of my favorite moments cosplaying was at New York Comic Con in 2022. I met this child who cosplayed as Miles Morales and we posed together. Everyone had their cameras out for the moment, and he understood the assignment. I did not even have to show him what to do, he just knew. That was a highlight for me. Another moment was at Baltimore Comic Con, I met so many families. I love being able to create memories with those I may not ever see again. So I’ll make skits for cosplayers who match my persona or take group photos with people doing action sequences. These are memories I’ll take with me wherever I go.

Q. As someone with an educational background and experience working with children, how has cosplaying and interacting with young fans enriched your ability to connect with them and inspire positivity?

A. From 2013-2018, I was an English teacher. I worked with children and teenagers in Elementary and Middle school. Dealing with many personalities over the years and watching kids growing up, I knew how to interact with my students. I try to give them the most positive experience while they’re at school. Being a cosplayer, interacting with people is natural for me. I was always the social and engaging type. Whether it was at work or a stranger, I knew how to promote positivity with those around me.

Q. How do your experiences working in the mental health field influenced your approach to cosplay and advocacy, and how have your coworkers reacted to your cosplaying as Spider-Man and Deadpool?

A. Being an advocate for mental health is important because I want to remind people you are not alone. Whatever it is you are going through, be open to speaking out about it. I advocate for those dealing with disorders and stand up for human rights. I attend events that associate with mental health illnesses and even bring Spider-Man or Deadpool along for the ride when necessary. My coworkers are fully aware of my cosplay life. They watch my videos on YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, or Facebook. They completely support what I have been doing for the cosplay community. I recall a few times; I have come to work suited up as Spider-Man. They used to crack up about it, but now they look forward to seeing it when coming from an event or a photo shoot.

Q. Cosplay also provides some people with incredible opportunities that they may not have gotten if it weren’t for dressing up as your favorite characters. It can open all kinds of doors for those willing to open them. Can you share a particularly memorable or exciting moment from your cosplay journey so far?

A. Too many highlights to list, but I will speak about a particular one. When Across the Spider-Verse came out, I represented Miles Morales for two hours doing photo ops with people at the Regal Theater. It was my finest memory because I always wanted to do something like this. To be able to give back to the community through cosplay. I felt like the character, chatting, making jokes, doing poses. It was wholesome.

Lorenzo Dozier as Deadpool

Q. With some of those doors that have opened for you. Having the chance to meet actors/actresses who have played some of our favorite characters on the big screen, as character voices, in games, etc. Who have been some of your favorite celebrity interactions that made a lasting impact/memory for you? And have there ever been any not so good interactions?

A. So it’s no secret that I have met countless celebrities. For those who follow me, I made it a thing since 2019 to meet some of the best entertainers in the business. One of the privileges of living in New York is that someone is always coming to town and I make sure of it to be there when it happens. As a Spider-Man Cosplayer, I have met Zendaya, Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, and Tom Holland. I have also met the creator of Miles Morales at Baltimore Comic Con, Brian Michael Bendis. I have never had a bad interaction with anyone from the entertainment industry. Each person gave me something impactful to remember. When I met Zendaya, she loved my shirt I wore at the time, and we posed together. Her facial expression was one of my favorite moments. Anyone who knows me, knows how big of a Zendaya fan I spent years saying one day I would meet her and it happened. The other names I mentioned all took place in 2023. Earlier this year, I met Shameik Moore at the first Into the Spider-Verse concert that happened in Brooklyn. A few months later, before the Across the Spider-Verse movie came out. I reunited with him two more times in the city. A friend and I were wearing our Spider-Man suits and posed with him. What a moment! We ended up doing it again with Hailee Steinfeld. We’re like what! Can’t believe that happened. When I met Tom Holland in June, he geeked out over my Miles Morales suit and asked if I saw the Spider-Verse movie. I wanted to meet Tom at a Comic Con, but hey, I was still grateful where I met him instead. Lastly, the creator of Miles. I spent a year waiting to see Brian Michael Bendis. He cancelled his appearance at Baltimore Comic Con in 2022. For a year, I hyped up my meet with him. When we finally met, he thanked me for presenting his character to a wider audience. He gave me a huge hug and told me that at times, it really helped him through the days. That meant so much. He signed all my Miles Morales merchandise and posted it on his Instagram page.

Q. What are some of your short terms and long-term goals as you continue your cosplay journey? What are some characters you would like to cosplay in the future?

A. My goal is to continue to promote positivity through cosplay. I want to test the waters with more creative ideas. Lately I have been collaborating with a handful of mutual friends in the cosplay community. My cosplans are Ghostface from Scream, the Green Lantern from DC Comics, and a Venomized Miles Morales. Which will be added to my Spidersonas.

TeamAwesome418 as Deadpool and Hero_4_hire_costumes as Wolverine

Q. You seem like a person who likes to bring positive energy to the table, whether in or out of cosplay. Can you offer some insights into how you maintain a positive mindset and encourage others to do the same, especially during challenging times?

A. At the end of the day, we’re all humans. There are things in life that can get the best of us. I know I have dealt with many challenges growing up. I am happy with the man I have become. The key to happiness is loving yourself. You need to practice reminding yourself each day to keep going. You must appreciate what you accomplished and what you hope to accomplish. You must give yourself pep talks here and there. Most importantly, be good to others. Despite everything in life, I always made sure to be good to those around me. Be good and good things come back to you. That is why I try to maintain a cheerful outlook. It doesn’t pay to be negative. All it does is bring you down.

Q. As Uncle Ben said, “With great power, come great responsibility.” Not only do you dawn the Spider-man suits, but also put it to good use with your involvement with charities which is very commendable. Could you tell us about some of the charity projects or initiatives you've been a part of through your cosplay, and why this aspect of your work is important to you?

A. I learned about an organization called the New York Avengers Inc. A woman named Sam Syndulla saw how I carried myself as Miles Morales and recruited me to join her group. I was invited to Cradle Con and a hospital in New York. From there, I started using my cosplay to meet with children and families with special needs. I enjoyed my encounters with the children because they look on our characters as larger than life. We want to make memories for those who may not get to experience going to a convention. So, we bring the convention to them. I thank her for giving me the opportunity to do these things because it led me to other opportunities being able to work with different cosplayers who have the same vision.

Q. For aspiring cosplayers who are just starting their journey, what advice would you offer to help them find their own unique voice in the cosplay community and make a positive impact?

A. My advice to aspiring cosplayers is to block the noise. It’s a motto I made up and live by. It means to not listen to what the naysayers say about you once you get into this community. Do not compare yourself to the next person and everyone started somewhere. I started with a closet cosplay and worked my way up to wearing movie quality suits. But it doesn’t matter if it’s movie quality or you are creating an outfit, use the character you made and go out there and have fun. Always have fun as a cosplayer, otherwise you will get lost in this community. Some people lose sight of cosplaying and think they are celebrities and it takes the focus away from why you were doing this in the first place.

Q. Well we hate to run stop here, but before we wrap up this incredible conversation, Lorenzo, could you please let our readers know where they can follow your captivating work, stay updated on your cosplays and advocacy, and is there anything else you'd like to share or convey to our wonderful audience?

A. You can follow me on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok with the handle @TeamAwesome418.

If you want advice or would like to read poetry, visit @Teamawesome418poems.

If you’re a wrestling fan, you would like to check out @Teamawesome418memes. I noticed I barely spoke about my love for professional wrestling and the talents I’ve met in that community.

You can check out my wrestling page at

If you’re a reader, look up 31 Days to Live or the Kill All Project, you won’t be disappointed by my psychological thrillers.

Thank you for supporting me these couple of years and thanks for reading! Hope you learned a thing or two about me.

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Mark Lugo
Mark Lugo
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Awesome interview with an awesome cosplayer. Love the positivity. Thanks for letting us learn a little more about Lorenzo.

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