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Awesome Time at AwesomeCon 2021

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Cons Are Back! This year we were able to attend our first Con since the beginning of Covid in 2021. With caution in mind we attending AwesomeCon that was hosted in Washington DC on the weekend of August 21st. AwesomeCon is a star-studded celebration of geek culture, bringing thousands of fans together to meet their favorite stars from across comics, movies, television, toys, games and more!

This was the first year that Creative Cosplays had a chance to make a presence since we started back in 2019.

We teamed up with an amazing Cosplayer, @thatshadyhaze, at her booth this year where we were able to give out some goodies, and met with new cosplayers and fans that may be interested in being a part of our magazine. It was such a good time getting to see so many amazing cosplayers, photographers, artists and exhibitors who attended.

This year AwesomeCon created a new area dedicated to cosplay, called Destination Cosplay, which is a first that we have seen done at a con. This area was set up specifically for cosplayers. Meet and greet well known cosplayers, fix up your suits when a repair was needed, and learn new trips and tricks to improve your own skills.

It was such as good idea and we hope to be more involved next year with our magazine.

We also had the opportunity to meet some amazing celebrity guests who attended, including John Heder, Adam Savage, Christina Ricci, Christopher Lloyd, Some of the Power Rangers and more. These guest interactions are always some of the most memorable moments that we look forward to at every con.

AwesomeCon is such a great event to attend every year, and one that we recommend everyone to check out in the future. Be sure to swing by an follow @Awesomecons to get more info about their next event.

Hope to see you there! Stay Safe!

Check out some photos from the event below.

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