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New York Comic Con was a mixed bag this year. Top-notch artists, a plethora of famous guests from modern movie stars to classic comic book artists, and internet art or cosplay sensations, all attended. The exhibition hall had lines for everyone for the different booths and panels.

However, many people had complaints, and it seemed NYCC wasn't fully prepared for the volume of guests this year. From a lack of security to a lack of regular crew and staff, and the difficulties/inability to properly enforce rules such as their unique mask mandate (not required by the state, or any other cons), many returning guests and workers told me this convention wasn't truly up to par with previous years.

As a first-timer, and a huge geek, I can say it was still very enjoyable! The crowd, coming from all over the East Coast, was huge and friendly. Guests mingled, played games, and made friends with other fans as they waited in lines, got food, or took photos, and despite the staffing issues the guests, panels, and shows were must-sees for everyone attending! Despite delays, people still lined up in droves for their photos, autograph, or experience.

All in all, NYCC is still the place to be, and with some extra organization, will be one of the best and biggest cons next year as well.

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