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CCM Interview: Tiffany Gordon Cosplay


An extremely talented cosplayer whose amazing cosplay builds have caught the attention of so many, including ours.

Also, a previous Cosplayer of the Season Winner

of Creative Cosplays Magazine.

We welcome @TiffanyGordonCosplay and look forward to getting to know more about her in this CCM Interview.

Q. Who is Tiffany Gordon Cosplay and how did your cosplay origin story begin?

A. My name is Tiffany, and I am a full-time costume/prop builder as well as an educator on YouTube through my live crafting streams and tutorials, helping to teach others how to create their own cosplays from scratch. I began building cosplays in 2008, bringing to life my favorite characters from anime and games using a wide variety of materials such as leather, EVA foam, sewing, 3d modeling/printing, worbla and much more! I am mostly known for my Auriel cosplay from Diablo III and my Atlantic Mercy cosplay from Overwatch. As of 2018 I made this my full-time job and as of 2021 made it an official company Tiffany Gordon Cosplay LLC.

Q. What was it about cosplay that you gravitated to and has kept your interest most up till now?

A. I have always liked to make things regardless of if it was a cosplay, prop or just art in general. For cosplays I started making them because it was a fun way to show love to my favorite characters from shows and games that I like and become the character for a day. As for making cosplays over the years, the love is still there for making them and now it is a new “puzzle” to figure out how to bring them to life and learn new skills along the way.

Q. What have been some of your favorite cosplay creations that you’ve made so far?

A. My favorite cosplay that I have made so far is my Jane Foster Thor cosplay! This one was a fast 18 day build for me that I tried so many new techniques for making it and in my opinion has been the best sewing that I have done and just overall a great build that I feel confident in and it feels very fun to wear.

Q. What are your future cosplay goals and plans for future builds?

A. For me, I am always trying to improve my skills and learn new techniques with each build. My current cosplay build is an Armor Girls Project MS Girl Wing Gundam Zero which I will be experimenting with wrapping EVA foam with vinyl rather than airbrush painting it, and for a future build I would like to make the Lich Queen from World of Warcraft and learn how to use a Resin Printer for that project.


Q. Do you have a favorite material/technique/process that you like to use most and least?

A. Materials that I like working with are EVA foam and leather and of course my love for airbrush painting everything! As for my least favorite thing to make it would be gloves…. I have very tiny hands and buying gloves is not an option, so I have to make new gloves for all of my cosplays, and it is just so time consuming.

Q. Do you have any pro tips that you’ve picked up that may be useful for others in the community?

A. I always tell people in the cosplay community, specifically for those that are new, to choose a character that you are interested in and not just follow what is popular. That it is also ok to buy a cosplay or parts of a cosplay and that you do not have to make 100% of your cosplays and of course to just have fun along the way!

Q. I imagine you spend a lot of time creating your cosplay masterpieces. Which one do you think has taken the longest to finish?

A. Typically to make a cosplay it will take between 1 week to 2 months depending on the complexity of the build. The cosplay that took me the longest to make was my Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy from the game Overwatch which took me 6 months to build while I was still working a full-time job. This one was a complex build as it was my first time doing wet leather molding for the outfit, 3d modeling and printing the wing components that had lights inside, plexiglass and they moved back and forth on a pair of large battery-operated servo motors.

Q. Where does one with your collection of cosplay store them all?

A. They kind of go in a few different places around my apartment. Some larger props get hung on the wall; some go in a closet, but most go into my storage room into storage boxes that are labeled so I can easily access them when I need them.

Q. Other than cosplay, what are some other hobbies that you enjoy or what other kinds of things do you like to nerd out on most these days?

A. Other than the typical watch shows and playing games, I am a World War II reenactor and help crew a Sherman Tank at Camp Mabry Army Base.

Q. Who are some of your favorite pop culture characters/heroes?

A. I am a huge fan of everything Assassin’s Creed and have played almost every game they have made and typically complete each one to 98-99% with all of the collectibles.

Q. When you’re not cosplaying, what are some things people might find you doing instead?

A. I love to play video games like Genshin Impact, DayZ, Assassin’s Creed and PowerWash Simulator.

Q. Who are some of the cosplayers that you look up to and grab inspiration from the most?

A. Lightning Cosplay, Pretzl Cosplay, Kinpatsu Cosplay, Sachiko1108, Littlejem, Narga

Q. What is a secret about yourself that most people may not know about? What kind of CCM exclusive might you have to share?

A. Most people don’t know this, but I am an active-duty air force spouse and move around a lot because of it.

Q. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions and for being a part of our magazine. For anyone interested in following more of your work, where can they find you?

Instagram - @tiffanygordoncosplay

TikTok - @tiffanygordoncosplay

YouTube - @tiffanygordoncosplay

Facebook - TiffanyGordonCosplay

Twitter - tiffanycosplay


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