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Baltimore Comic Con 2021

Updated: May 13, 2022

Coverage and Photos by: Alessandro Rivero / @neppys_photo_hub

Baltimore's 2021 Comic Convention felt, in three words; Safe. Exciting. Welcoming.

Lasting three days, it required proof of vaccination or a new negative Covid-19 test each day of the event, with rapid testing available around the corner specifically for convention goers. Security and volunteers walked around and, for the most part, made sure the mask mandate of the event was followed. Most people didn't seem worried even when the convention center saw it's largest number of visitors on Saturday and was it's most crowded.

After talking to several con-goers, it seemed most people were excited to "be back" and discover what Baltimore had to offer. Many people didn't seem to realize the amount of popular guests the convention had, and for many others it was their first large event since the pandemic struck the U.S, forcing many cons to cancel once or twice. The biggest event, drawing a crowd of over 100 people, was the costume contest which saw amazing and hilarious work. (Did you expect to see Moses ask for the liberation of his people, standing next to the Ghost Busters? I didn't.)

But the biggest part of the convention was the friendliness. From artists answering questions or talking about their work for hours, to cosplayers screaming in excitement, and photographers dashing around to get their latest shot, this convention was filled with lots of love for everyone around.

More photos from the event will be included in our

Winter 2021 issue of Creative Cosplays Magazine!

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