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FanExpo Coverage 2022

Updated: May 14, 2022

Coverage and Photos by: Alessandro Rivero

Fan Expo Philadelphia was, for everyone, a great time! Major names in comics, gaming, TV, and animation appeared for talks and signings. Many had times and rooms for Q&As with fans, others spoke alongside talk hosts on the big stage, and some were even caught walking around simply enjoying the convention, getting food, and hanging out with their fans.

It seemed there was a little bit for everyone. The dedicated community area, gaming area, and plenty of family-oriented activities (parents would especially appreciate this), organizations and older names such as William Shatner and the 501st Battalion, a gaming zone for all those interested, and of course friendly cosplayers everywhere taking photos, enjoying activities, and allowing others to take photos and interact with them. Let’s also not forget the musical performances, small concert, and the amazing after party that took place once the convention had ended!

An interesting aspect of FanExpo Philly was the amount of cosplayers brought out to meet fans, and hold panels, with popular cosplayers coming from states as far as Georgia to have tables and talks. If you’re an avid cosplayer or fan I’d say keep an eye on other FanExpo events. You will also often find familiar faces attending FanExpo events in different states, as they maintain a friendly relationship with the organizers, this includes famous voice actors, artists, etc. If you missed your chance to talk to Goku or All Might here, maybe you’ll find them at the next one in a nearby state!

The only downsides to the event were in food and safety- Food is easily fixed, being in the middle of Philadelphia, a short walk can take you anywhere, although I recommend the Reading Market as a great experience before returning to the fun. In terms of safety, the city of Philadelphia had no mask mandate, and unlike other conventions (such as Castle Point Anime Con, Baltimore Comic Con, and more) this convention did not require vaccination or even masking. In fact, the convention did become a hot spot for Covid-19 cases (I myself came into contact and, thankfully, tested negative) and contributed to the city’s rising cases. Two days post-con the city of Philadelphia would return to enforcing a mask mandate.

While I encourage everyone to do their best for personal safety, the convention was a load of fun! It’s tiring to attend all three days, but geeks of all ages, shapes, sizes, and places came to enjoy it to the fullest, there was plenty to do, and the guests were exciting to have and meet. I can’t wait to attend another FanExpo.

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