Offering FREE advertising opportunity for first timers 

Sellers will be given free advertising space for their first publication after submission.

Limited spaces available.


If you are a company, or seller with an online shop, and looking to feature your products in our

Creative Cosplays Magazine or website, please submit your information

We are offering FREE Advertising space for first time submitters!

$25 for each following issue you'd like to be featured in.

Ad Layout Specs

  • Use a 5.5" x 8.5" format at 150-300ppi in order for us to scale as needed without quality loss.

  • Include information about your business or products that you want others to know and see. 

  • Include photos, links to social media and websites for people to find your work.

We do ask that you create your own ad following the specs mentioned below

and that it be attached in a High Res JPG format with your submission.

A $20 fee is required if you need help from our design team to create your ad. Contact us for information.

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